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This website translates text from English to Kurdish, Kurdish to English and Arabic to Kurdish.


  • Translation of whole text from English to Kurdish similar to Google Translate.
  • Mouse over underlined words shows synonyms.
  • Tries to recognize different word senses according to the context.
  • Spell-checking of misspelled English words.
  • Dictionary style word list.
  • Google Chrome Add-on.
  • Kurdish text in both Arabic and Latin script.
  • Mobile interface.
  • English learning game.
  • Android app
  • Translation of Kurdish words into English.
  • Kurdish spell-check.

    More features to come...

Below are the common English basic phrases and their meaning in other languages:

Kurdish Arabic Persian Turkish Chinese Spanish Hindi Russian French

3How are you?چۆنيت
4I am fineمن باشم
5Thank youسوپاست دەكەم
7Thank you very muchزۆر سوپاس
8And you?ئەى تۆ؟
9Welcomeبەخێر بێيت
10Can you speak English?دەتوانيت بە ئينگليزى قسە بكەيت؟
11Do you speak Kurdish?كوردى قسە دەكەيت؟
12A littleكەمێك
13Where do you live?لە كوێ دەژيت؟
14I live in Kurdistanمن لە كوردستان دەژيم
15I live in Erbilمن لە هەولێر دەژيم
16Erbil is a nice cityهەولێر شارێكى خۆشە
17Erbil is an old cityهەولێر شارێكى كۆنە
18I live in the USمن لە ئەمريكا دەژيم
19Where are you from?تۆ خەڵكى كوێيت؟
20I am from the U.Sمن خەڵكى ئەمريكام
21I am Americanمن ئەمريكيم
22What is your job?پيشەت چيە؟
23I am a studentمن قوتابيم
24I am a teacherمن مامۆستام
25How old are you?تەمەنت چەندە؟
26I am 35 years oldتەمەنم ٣٥ ساڵە
27What is your name?ناوت چيە؟
28My name is Ahmedناوم ئەحمەدە
29Nice to meet youخۆشحاڵم بە ناسينت
32Apologiesداواى لێ بووردن دەكەم
36It was nice talking to youخۆشحاڵ بووم بە قسە كردن لەگەڵت
37What time is it?كاتژمێر چەندە؟
38It is one o'clockكاتژمێر يەكە
39I am lateمن درەنگمە
40I have to go nowمن دەبێت ئێستا بڕۆم
41Byeبەخێر بچيت
42Are you okay?ئايا تۆ باشيت؟
43Can I help you?دەتوانم يارمەتيت بدەم؟
44Can you help me?دەتوانيت يارمەتيم بدەيت؟
45Come hereوەرە ئێرە
47Good afternoonپاش نيوەڕۆ باش
48Good eveningئێوارە باش
49Good luckبەختەوەر بيت
50Good morningبەيانى باش
51Good nightشەو شاد
52Goodbyeخوات لەگەڵ
53See you laterدوايى دەتبينمەوە
54Happy birthdayجەژنى لەدايك بوونت پيرۆز بێت
55Happy new yearساڵى نوێت پيرۆز بێت
56I am going to workمن بۆ كار دەچم
57I am okمن باشم
58I am not okمن باش نيم
59I am sickمن نەخۆشم
60I knowدەزانم
61I do not knowنازانم
62I do not understandتێ ناگەم
63Please explainتكايە ڕوون بكەوە
64What do you want?چيت دەوێت؟
65I need helpپێويستيم بە يارمەتى هەيە
67I saidمن گوتم
68What are you doing?چى دەكەيت
69What do you mean?مەبەستت چيە؟
70I meanمەبەستم ئەوەيە
71What is this?ئەمە چيە؟
72Where are you going?بۆ كوێ دەچيت؟

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